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That's a thought too. We were on the Celebrity Mercury when she was still part of the Fleet and were delayed getting on because 300 passengers had the virus. We finally got on and that cruise and 50 passengers got the virus and my husband and I had to be part of the 50. It really is everything anyone could touch if you think about it. Railings, money in the Casino had to be washed every night (back before vouchers) salt and pepper shakers were all removed from the dinning room, you had to ask for sugar and cream for your coffee, all the food was covered but we still saw people putting their hands under the plastic wrap and using their hands when only the crew was to serve you.. If you even think about your cabin, the phone, the remote just goes on and on you almost need to keep your hands in your pockets. The poor crew has to work around the clock trying to sanitize everything in sight.
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