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What about in all the ports when you come back through the cruise terminal security. The security takes your ID and boarding pass looks at it, hands it back, then touches the next persons. There are so many things we do on a daily basis where we have to touch things. Many you might touch without even thinking that a person ahead of you could have touched it and been contaminated. Many are obvious like any type of touch pad - ATM, gas pump, (what about grabbing the handle), elevator buttons. Grocery cart handles (I have seen many stores have the Clorox wipes by the carts). What about the store clerk taking your credit card and ID, or the many frequent shopper cards we all carry to earn points/rebates/discounts. The clerk touches them all after touching the person in front of you. Who thinks about on a plane when getting into your narrow row you grab the seat or armrest to help you get into the seat, then put the seatbelt on that was just touched by the passenger before you.
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