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Default Shocked by the Breakaway reviews
Like a good little cruiser, I wrote a loooooong review of the Breakaway that I submitted to this site and another. Mine was a glowing, 5+ star review with very few suggestions for improvement. On the other site, I started reading other people's reviews who were on the same sailing as I was, and I wonder did they accidentally get on the wrong ship?! How can we possibly have been on the same vacation?

People grumbled about everything under the sun (and some of them were just plain inaccurate in terms of what the ship offered, how things worked, etc.). I understand that occasionally something truly goes amiss on a trip that really does ruin someone's enjoyment, but sometimes I just sit here, shaking my head, as I read through the litany of minuscule complaints that dominate a lot of the reviews (on this other site in particular) and which people cite as they talk about what a miserable experience they had.

You were on one of the most beautiful, enormous cruise ships on earth, we stopped at all of our scheduled ports, embarked and disembarked on time, had no technical difficulties, etc., and you had a miserable time?! How is that possible?

We saw some people in the NYC terminal who were whining and complaining before we even got on the ship. I think some people have really lost sight of the fact that THEY ARE ON VACATION.

People ...
- Don't expect to get to the port and walk directly onto the ship. There may be a wait. Kick back with a good book and be patient. You'll get on the ship eventually *it'll really be OK! (There will still be food left on the buffet when you get there!)
- We all get a little spoiled by being waited on hand and foot on the ship. But you know what? With 4,000 passengers, once in a while, you might have to wait a few minutes for food or service. It might not just appear when you snap your fingers. In most cases, they are doing their best. Take a deep breath!
- The crew members are people too. Don't treat them like slaves. And just because you're not ever going to see them again after you disembark doesn't give you license to yell at them.
- Yes, much of the crew comes from a different country. Now and then, there may be a slight language barrier. Just be nice. There's no reason to be rude.
- Accept that there are going to be ships you like better than others, shows you like better than others, ports you like better than others, etc. It's all part of the fun on going on various cruises and comparing.
- If the fact that the Breakaway cabins don't have drawers is going to ruin your vacation I really can't help you. Adapt! Make do! Deal! Embrace the 99,000 other things that made the stateroom great (and one of our favorites to date). Some of the people who've reviewed the staterooms have complained as if they were turned out into the woods to fend for themselves in a pop-up tent. The staterooms have their own strengths (including a giant shower!) and weaknesses (the aforementioned lack of drawers), but they are perfectly lovely and by no means impossible to live in.


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