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Default Our 50th Anniversary Cruise on the Legend
We have returned from our 50th anniversary cruise aboard the Legend of the Seas. Our cruise was a transit of the Panama Canal.

We were very pleased with our cabin. It was larger than some we have had and had plenty of storage space. The bathroom was small, but I’d rather have “living space” than a large bathroom. One thing I didn’t like was the shower curtain, instead of doors.

The food was exceptionally good, in our opinion. The cruise was 15 days and menu items varied all 15 days (rather than being repeated). Escargot was offered almost every night. Prime rib done to perfection and lobster were served. One item that my husband missed on the menu was Crème Brule. There was Banana Crème Brule on the menu every night, but never plain Crème Brule. He mentioned it to our waitress and he was presented with his own Crème Brule the next night; but it was never on the menu.

To make an honest review, I will mention that we were disappointed in the lack of technology on the ship. We could not view our Sea Pass charges on the TV or do other interactive things that we have been able to do on other ships. A huge disappointment, in our opinion, was that when we were going through the Gatun Locks, they announced that we may want to notify our families that they could go to and watch our transit through the lock. I didn’t have a signal on my phone and our family didn’t receive the text I sent. Surely, RCCL knew ahead of time that there is a camera there and could have notified us or had it on their website.

We booked excursions on the ship. In Guatemala we were fortunate to see a volcano shortly after it erupted. In fact, three volcanoes were spewing clouds of vapor. The excursion took us to Antigua, the capitol. It was an 8.5 hour trip, but well worth it.

We took a whale watching trip at Cabo San Lucas and saw many whales in close proximity to our boat. Since it was the end of migration season, we were afraid we wouldn’t see any, so we were thrilled.

The transit through the Canal, was the highlight, of course. It is an amazing venture! This year the Canal is 100 years old. Thinking about the planning, design, and construction of the canal without modern technology is mindboggling. We saw several crocodiles and many birds while in the Canal.

A band on board the ship called “City Lights Trio” was great. They played in the Centrum quite often and played a special song for us on our anniversary. A Kodak moment for sure!

We didn’t go to many shows, but we very much enjoyed a performance by the pianist and performer Glenn Smith.

The cruise was comprised of 15 days of wonderful memories aboard the Legend. She’s a great ship with one of the best crews ever.

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