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After 3 cruises and one land trip to Alaska, I am not convinced it does not rain there. It is a lie to keep us away!!. We had perfect weather again. The rain and clouds did come in at our last port, during our last hour, the rest of the trip was SUNNY.
We were in Junea on the 3rd of July. The Captain extended our stay there after Juneau invited us to see their 4th of July fireworks. They shot them off on at Midnight July3/4th. I was on deck at midnight in shorts and a tank top, I was not the only one.
The next day of Skagway. Haines invited us to watch their's also. I was again on deck at 11:00pm on the 4th in tank top and shorts. The show and the weather was great. While it was sunny in Glacier Bay, it was VERY WINDY.
Will add more later, we just got in and I am going to hit the sack.
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