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So far, you're the only one on your Roll Call. Hopefully, you'll find someone as it gets closer. This will be a popular week as it is school vacation in several northeastern states.

Onto Bermuda. I agree with Cruise Fanatic that the bus is the way to go. It's not a hop-on-hop-off bus that you might have seen in other ports -- that is, not a tourist bus -- but the regular bus for which you can purchase a multi-day pass. I highly recommend this after several visits to Bermuda by ship. The South Shore beaches are a quick and easy ride away (on the #7 bus, if my memory serves correctly). You can also transfer to another bus in Hamilton that takes you to the Aquarium, which is marvelous, IMO. I also suggest purchasing a combination bus-ferry pass, as there are ferries that connect the Dockyard with St. George and Hamilton.

Bermuda is an expensive place to shop. Still, I enjoy the shops on Front Street in Hamilton -- everything from general souvenirs to more pricey items. NCL used to have a Dine Ashore program through which we found several great restaurants. Most are on Front Street, yet there are a few others we really enjoyed in St. George. One of our favorites in St. George is the large tavern on the corner near Town Square. I forget its name...yet although it's perceived to be somewhat touristy, we've enjoyed it.

The walking tours are great! You can find more information at the Tourist Center when you arrive. (The links I used in the past are no longer working, but I'll see if I can find some more.) There are a couple of forts within walking distance once you are in Hamilton or St. George, and the Maritime Museum at the Dockyards is fabulous.
Happy cruising!