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I grew up near Trondheim and can recommend a few sights to see:

1. The Nidarosdomen Cathedral - a tousand year old cathedral with lots of history around.

2. For a walk: The Bakklandet area, across the river from down town. Old buildings with small shops, cafes etc.

3. The Tyholt tower - a rotating tower with a great view over the city and surrounding areas.

4. Ravnkloa Fish market - a fish market - not as large as the one in Bergen, but still a nice atmosphere.

5. Stiftsgården - the Royal Residence in Trondheim

6. Ringve Museum - a museum covering the music history

The ship is probably offering a city tour which covers most sights if you don't want to concentrate on one or two on your own

If you went to Oslo, I could come and take you on a private sightseeing myself

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