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Welcome to cruise-chat.

I assume you mean the Carnival Triumph 4 or 5 night cruise.

It depends on what you expect to get out of a cruise. This itinerary is not about sun and fun and hanging around the pool. If you just want a short getaway then it is fine. The Triumph is a pleasant ship.

Short cruises often attract a younger group, but not always. I'd anticipate an older clientele on average, given the itinerary. You wouldn't be alone in your age group, but then you aren't going to see a partying crowd either - at least not like you'd see on a Caribbean cruise. It will still be fun though and there will probably be plenty of singles aboard.

We are doing an 8-night cruise to New England and Canada in June. A nice thing is since so few ships do this itinerary you will often be the only cruise ship in port, or at most one of two ships.