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The Royal Princess kind of reminded me of old time ships. Probably because of the size, but the decor was very dark. Dark woods, deep dark colors, and not a huge atrium/promenade area.

The Holiday reminded me of the Jubilee, but they really weren't old timey ships. The first ship I sailed on was the Costa Daphne. You had to step up to get into your cabin. It had sort of rounded doors with about a 6" lip (don't know what you'd really call it) from the floor. There was only 1 small pool, 1 dining room. I'm sure there was a buffet, but I don't remember it. There was a tiny casino with slots, don't remember any tables at all, but there could have been. I don't remember any balconies at all. I do remember being able to walk around the ship on the promenade deck, but that could have been on another ship. That was way, way, way too many years ago