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Avast is good and so is AVG8.5, which are both free. We use McAfee at work, which is ok, but not free. Also, download either MalwareBytes or Spybot (the free versions) and keep them updated. Run them at least once a week. MalwareBytes and Spybot do have professional versions that you can purchase. I just make a donation once or twice a year. Adaware is pretty good too. MalwareBytes, Spybot, or Adaware are for malware/spyware, not anti-virus tools. Microsoft is supposedly coming out with a free anti-virus. They have windows defender built into the o/s now, which is suppose to be an anti-spyware/malware program. It is basically worthless. It runs every day on my computer, then I'll run Adaware, MalwareBytes or Spybot and will ALWAYS have something that one of them find that defender didn't. My favorite was TrendMicro, but they've gotten as bad as Norton when it comes to taking over your computer.