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Originally posted by UnHappyCustomer:
You are wrong that the boat don't make money. Just think what they make just off the casino and drinks that they wouldn't have made without missing that port.

Let me assure that I know exactly what I am talking about. Not only have we been with the cruise industry for 28 years, I am an accountant who has spoken at length about this very subject with a Carnival Cruise lines VP.

So please do not come on here with your one cruise experience and tell me that I am wrong.

You have no idea the amount of money made in shore excursions by Carnival.

And if the port you missed was Half Moon Cay, that is one of the ports that Carnival makes the most money on because they own the entire island. If you buy a drink on the island, you charge it to your sail and sign card because Carnival owns the bar.

If you snorkel, ride horseback, rent a is all through ship excursions.

Again, sorry you had a bad time...but facts are facts and your comment about the ship missing a port to make more money is ridiculous and totally false.