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Hi I noted before, just do it,
you will not regret it. I would like to try the westbound version; that way you get to be busy touring and sightseeing first and then rest and relax for the latter part.
When the Captain sounded the all stations, he just asked everyone to return to their staterooms and the crew conducted a head count from there. It was a little unnerving; we were also asked to go out to our balconies and watch from there for anything; as the Captain said, the more eyes the better. It was disconcerting to have the Captain have to reiterate his request for passengers to return to their staterooms 3 times...some people assumed it did not mean them.....go figure.
The Crown was beautiful, bigger than I personally like but since it was only about 75% full, it was great. Yes, it has a Sacturary, we peeked in but did not indulge as there were so many other quiet spots (eg aft pool area) that were almost as nice and they were free.
We chose open dining, never had a problem getting a table, as we always asked to share. We met lots of interesting people and heard lots of interesting stories about their cruises.
I think there was a Chef's table but it was not advertised anywhere that I saw.
Favorite port was probably Barcelona...such a vibrant, many faceted city, lots to see and do and so little time.
No I don't have another cruise booked, I am doing an all-inclusive to Antigua in November but who knows when the urge will strike.....
Thanks for asking....