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It gets better. I am prejudiced, but we Navy nukes are perhaps the most merciless people out there when it comes to playing mind games with each other. After the pickpocket event, and a brief period of mocking and razzing, a guy in our division developed a board game - I think he called it La Bella Napoli or some such thing. The goal was to get to the end without losing your wallet along the way. A roll of the dice might put you on the "Mazzola" square where "you lose all a you money". Other options were squares with the cambio operators who would constantly say "change-a-money" to us sailors, or one with the shady guy touting tours of the cameo factory. It was really quite impressive that this guy designed and built this game in just a couple of days. The problem was he made it so hard that nobody ever won - we all were broke or robbed by the end.