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Ok guys moving onto the Casino,

None of us are big gamblers, not gamblers at all in fact but I always like to have a go on the slot machines. Like Liberty, Oasis has non coin machines, where you just get a slip of paper out of the machine with a bar code on it to collect your winnings. I think it takes from the atmosphere of the casino not seeing physical coins popping out of the bottom!

And also when you 'cash out' your ticket you hear that 'ting ting ting' sound as you do when you win, so you might not have won anything but want to change to another machine and you 'cash out' and the poor guy next to you feels like crap cos he thinks you've won a fortune, while in actual fact your just collecting the remainder of the money you've put in!!

Its the only place on the ship where you can use dollars, initially you insert money into the machine and from there on in you will receive your balance on bar coded slips.

You can also use your seapass card to use the machines but its either 2% or 3% charge to do this.

the Casino is supposed to be 50% smoking 50% non smoking. and it seemed to me it was about 70% smoking and 30% non smoking!! Also some of the 'good machines' like Deal or No Deal did not feature in my non smoking section so I was a bit gutted! I didnt want to smell like an ash tray the next morning so I did my wheeling and dealing on the clean side!!!

We went down on the first day for an introduction to the different tables. This was offered Free of Charge. My God were some of those games complicated. Throw a few drinks into the mixture and we probably would be heading for loan sharks when we came home! I didnt find the staff helpful when we wanted to know how to play some of the games, they were kinda 'amazed' we didnt know how to play blackjack n stuff lol, funny I know, I think we'll stick to playing the card game 'snap' from now on, its less expensive!!

The casino seemed very big on this ship but maybe its the same size as others.

Not a major fan of it seeing as I dont get dirty coins out of the machines but I did win 80 dollars on a roulette machine, totally by mistake I had bet incorrectly and it just happened to come up, otherwise I would have lost my big amount of 15.44!