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Yes, in the south there is no lunch. It is breakfast, dinner (lunch), and then supper. Some pronounce "fixin" as "fittin".

I've often thought it would be neat to work for a cruise line as a customer service rep at home. This makes sense on so many levels. The pay could be less than they pay people who work at the cruise line offices, no benefits package (perhaps just a nice discount for cruises), and best of all, depending on the cruise line I probably know more than their employees do and could give the correct info on the first try. That goes for many other forum members too. I'm not just blowing my own horn.

I'd be happy to wear a headset for a few hours a day while I sit here at the computer, having calls routed to me. It reminds me of a Saturday Night Live skit from 1979, for Craig's Travelers Checks. Craig's Travelers Checks.