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Okay, great. These are the excursions we took and we enjoyed each very much. Just so you know, my wife and I are in our mid-60s and in excellent health, but we are not inclined towards zip lines and 4X4 adventures :-) however some of these require considerable walking.

Acapulco - "City Highlights and Cliff Divers;" This gives you just a taste and it's short enough that you will have time to explore on your own too. Just don't wander away from the tourist areas in Acapulco.

Huatulco - "Huatulco by Land & Sea;" a very enjoyable large catamaran ride along the coast viewing the several beautiful bays followed by a guided bus tour of the surrounding area.

Puerto Quetzal - "Filadelfia Coffee Estate & Colonial Antigua with Lunch;" one of the highlights of the cruise. Yes, a coffee buying opportunity, but one of the most interesting tours, and probably the best lunch of the trip.

San Juan del Sur - "Colonial Granada and Isletas Boat Ride with Lunch;" a long bus ride from the port, but well worth it. The views of the volcanoes from Lake Nicaragua were stunning.

Puntarenas - We've been there twice. The "Scenic Drive to San Jose with Lunch" is beautiful, if a bit long. This last time we took the "Tropical Train Ride & Mangrove Nature Cruise;" just like the Jungle Cruise at Disnayland, but everything is real!

Colon - Have not been to Colon.

Ocho Rios - "Dunn's River Falls Viewing & Coyaba Gardens;" we didn't think we were up to climbing the Falls, but it is certainly something to see. The Gardens were beautiful-another highlight of the trip. Just a tip: when leaving the Falls don't make eye contact with the vendors or show any interest in anything; they are extremely aggressive and will not leave you alone if they get your attention.

So, hope this helps a little. Have fun planning your cruise.