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Hi vacationplanner and welcome to cruise-chat! We have taken the train ride twice and have loved it both times. When we were there in December, we had friends with us who had never been to St. Kitts. We recommended that the four of us do the train ride since we enjoyed it so much.

They were just as pleased with it as we were. The fun thing about the trip is that you don't just sit on the train and look out. They serve free rum punch, pina coladas, non-alcoholic drinks, and cookies. There are singers who come to each car and sing a few fun songs.

The narrative is easy to hear and understand. The cars are open on top, or you can go below to a nice sitting area that is air conditioned.

There are restrooms on each car.

I will try to place some pictures on this thread so that you can see the train. It is fun and well worth the money!