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Hi everyone.

First off, Penny, thanks for the excitement. I'm getting excited too! And Tex, thanks for the well wishes!

Second, my goal is to just try and "mix and match" outfits to see if I can get everything into one large suitcase, plus a duffel for my carry on. Right now I'm thinking I will be able to fit everything. I'll see how it goes tomorrow. With a little luck, I may only have to work about half a day or just over half a day tomorrow. Then it's back home for laundry and packing.

Also it appears that my countdown clock is off on the time, since the site I used didn't offer an "adjustment" to set the current time in my time zone when I created it, so tomorrow night late, it may say that I have set sail, even though I haven't, if I haven't posted and removed it by then. I set sail at 5:00 pm eastern time on Saturday.
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