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Love this question because we always like giving aid to independent travelers. You certainly can do fine on a 200 Euro per day and could actually spend quite a bit less and still have fun days. Keep in mind that some public transit is quite cheap (buses in the south of France are only 1 Euro, round trip train from Civitavecchia to Rome is only 9.5 Euros (buy a BIRG ticket) etc. Much will depend on how much you decide to spend for lunch which you can have for a little as 10 Euros or for hundreds of Euros. Regarding shopping, there are few bargains in the land of 20%+ VAT taxes. On our last few trips to Europe I think we have spent less then $100 on "stuff" and we are usually in Europe for over a month. One piece of advice would be that you should use your ATM card to get Euros. Make sure you notify your ATM issuing bank of your trip and itinerary as well as your credit card companies (this prevents security issues which). You also need a 4 digit PIN for your ATM card and need to know the PIN in numbers (no letters on most European ATKs). Also keep in mind that there is a daily limit on your ATM and it might be as low as 200 - 300 Euros. This depends on your bank and also the European bank.

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