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I went on the 2-nt Inaugural right after Sandy from November 22-24. My assessment is very similar to Sandy's. A few extra notes;

I arrived at the ship at 1:15PM and there were no lines. I was checked in and on the ship in 5-10 minutes. One note, the gangway to the ship has a very steep area in the last section where you get on the ship. Older passengers may have a difficult time pulling their own luggage. Hopefully this will be corrected.
Two new innovative things on the Oasis are 1)The way they do photos. Photos are now stored in individual notebooks on circular stands. When any photo is taken of you they scan your Set Sail Pass. Your Set Sail pass has a photo identification number on it. This number correlates to the photo stand and notebook where you can find your photo. 2) Also new are self-serve wine stations outside the main dining room.
There is a convenient slot to place your Set Sail Pass, place your glass under a spigot, and select your wine.

Like Sandy, I had a balcony cabin. Mine was on deck 11 Cabin 11688. I found the cabin to be no bigger than on other RCI ships. I did notice some extra hooks on the walls. Two hooks on the wall next to the vanity. The bathroom door had three hooks, and two more hooks on the bathroom wall. Convenient for hanging up wet bathing suits etc.

I found many of the familiar lounges of RCI were in different locations or laid out differently on the Oasis. I usually enjoy the Viking Crown because of it's intimate feel. I didn't care for the Viking Crown lounge on the Oasis. As Sandy mentioned it isn't 360 and it just seemed like a plain lounge. The Schooner lounge is also in a different place than usual. It is located on deck 6 and has an open side to the Royal Promenade atrium. Boleros is on Deck 5 open to the Royal Promenade. The Royal Promenade has permanent bars down the middle instead of being totally open for walking. The Rising Tide Bar (which didn't work one night), the clock tower and explorations, and the Mondo Coffee Bar line the center of the Royal Promenade.

The Vitality Spa was absolutely beautiful. A very peaceful and tranquil place. The Solarium was equally impressive. I found the Chapel very plain and contemporary, where normally it is elegant with stained glass. Central Park is a nice concept. A beautiful place to walk. The cafes and restaurants along the park make a nice setting. One thing to watch out for is there is a small "step up" from the main walk way to the cafes and restaurants. It is very easy to miss this "step up" and stumble. They even have "watch your step" signs. However; the signs aren't always real noticeable.

The internet stations are a joke. Small crowded cubby holes. Since the ship has wireless internet I'm sure the lack of computer stations is to get people to pay for the wireless service, or to discourage internet use at all and get you out around the ship where you'll spend money. And there are lots of places to do that. Also new on the Boardwalk Deck 6 are the old fashion photo booths, and Build a Pets both for a charge. Build a Pets is where you pick out your own pet to stuff and dress.

The ice show Frozen in Time is based on Hans Christian Andersen stories. It was very well done. The show Headliners was also good with John Kane an Elton John look-a-like singing Elton's top hits.

The staff was friendly and attentive. Food in the main dining room was good. The Windjammer food also had a nice variety and was good. Except the French Toast. I have found the French Toast in the Windjammer on all RCI ships to be not up to par. It looks like something they just took out of the toaster. On the other hand, the French Toast in the dining room is fluffy and think. One note about the breakfast menu in the dining room; the print was so small you need a magnifying glass.

This 2-nt Inaugural cruise also sailed half full with about 3,200 people. The Aqua Theatre was not in operation yet, one night the Rising Tide Bar was not working and one Cantilevered whirlpool wasn't working. Over all it was a fun cruise, with many new and exciting things to see.