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Default I just got back from the Estascy on the 12th and I stayed in a Cat 1A. It was great. Big enough for one possibly 2. I was in E189. They had a flat screen Tv in the corner up close to the ceiling. The top bed was up in the wall and only bothered me when I bumped my head on it at night! My cabin steward was non exsistant so I did not know that I could move the lower bed around, but I found that out later. There was plenty of drawer and closet space. And I brought a LOT of clothes. I was able to push my suit cases under the bed and out of the way. The bathroom was pretty small but no smaller then the 4A I had been in before. Its the same step up and over set up. The shower is fine, I am a big girl and I had no issues with its size. Not a lot of water pressure however, and I did not have any issues with the shower flooding the bathroom floor. There are 2 small tables that you can move around and set stuff on. I used one as a fan table. I travel with a small fan and it worked out great. The size is pretty comparable to a 4A. I think for the most part its the same size, but it looks bigger because you dont have the sofa or 2 beds taking up room.

I did shot video and take photos, however, I left my memory card on the ship in the cabin safe. Carnival tells me that when they find it they will send and I will post photos and video then.
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