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It's funny how a day can progress. I had remotely set up my DVR to record the game since I wasn't scheduled to arrive home from FLL until after 6pm. Then, when the Oasis debarkation went so fast and I was able to get on earlier flights I had that feeling one gets when everything falls in your favor. On the flight to ATL the plane had dozens of Florida fans headed to the game. They were all decked out in Gator shirts and so forth. I sat there and smiled. I got to HSV and as I approached the baggage carousel my luggage had just turned the corner and I didn't even break stride. I grabbed my suitcase and kept walking to the parking lot. It was already a great day and fixing to get better!

No way did I think we'd blow Florida off the field like that. Alabama played about as perfect a game as they can do. Texas snatched victory with that convenient last second call. I really like our chances to win the title.

And to paraphrase Tom Hanks...hey Tim Tebow, "there's no crying in football!"