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Cruising Blues(got a tune?)

I am rambling by the seaside
Just looking for my shoes.
I have to get all dressed up right,
Cause I've got the cruising blues.

Just a sitting on the ocean,
Then that's the life I'd choose,
But I'm grieving on the dockside
Cause I've got the cruising blues.

I have got my travelling clothing
And my paper bag of booze,
But there's no way that will cure me
Cause I've got the cruising blues.

There was a time so long ago
When I could pay my dues
That I'd hop aboard a shining ship
And cure my cruising blues.

But the good times have departed,
And that's caused my moody views
For I am shoeless on the shore,
And I've got the cruising blues.

If there's one thing that I'd wish for,
Just one bit of happy news,
If the Lord would grant me one last trip,
Then I'd lose these cruising blues