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Originally posted by IslandCruz:
Yes it is $30.00 per person. We went to Harry's on the Liberty last month. It was good but not worth the extra $60.00 for my wife and I. Lets put it this way would I go again, no.
Sorry to hear you wouldn't go again. I am looking forward to trying the awesome menu on my next cruise.


I think you will totally like it and think it's worth the money! When we went on Liberty in Nov., that was one of my "have to" items,(hubby would think it's a waste of money if it was $10!). Since we never do any kind of fine dining like that, I was in heaven with all of it, especially the prsentation of the food. I tried some things I would never have eaten otherwise, and probably won't again, but the steaks were the BEST we've ever had. Wish we had waited until later in the cruise to do this, as I was still a bit queasy from the rough waters. Plus, it was on the first formal night and I missed the strawberry bisque, the one thing I had wanted so badly in the dining room! So, be sure and check the dining menu before you book your restaurant night. One thing I would like to see them add to the restaurant experience would be to have the trio of musicians play, like they do at the afternoon tea. I would encourage anyone who doesn't normally do this kind of dining to go for it, enjoy the experience and don't think about the cost! (We also gave a tip, I have read on here where other's said it was included?? Would like to know what the proper thing is to do.)