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Philip Cali - Let me start off by saying to you- Welcome Aboard to Cruise-Chat!! You have picked an excellent starting point in planning your next cruise you spend time with us...the more you will prepare for the great adventure.

In cruising the Meditteranean Region it is helpful to be somewhat conversant with the languages of the region or to be traveling with someone who is! You see a lot of different countries in a very short time- and the ship only gives you a limited number of hours in port! If this is your first time in these areas you cannot afford to be left behind (it happens to someone all the time) - It will turn your rest into a nightmare!! Being pennywise turns into Pound foolish in the blink of an eye!

Study the cruise brochures, read the travel guides, check out tour operators and compare prices. Surprisingly the cruiseline tours may not turn out to be too bad! And comeback here often with your questions and ideas!!

Welcome Aboard and....Bon Voyage!!!!