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I think the reason Rccl got themselves into this situation is they made there C&A to good rewarding people for the wrong reasons.I have seen people make Diamond plus in 2 years,just by booking suites on back to back 3 and 4 night sailings. In one week on the Monarch pick up 4 credits.Many were grandfathered in just by using anothers address.It took us 15 years to make D+ the old fashioned way,by accually spending 150+ days at sea.Now that there diamond lounges are full and revenue is down I would expect them to do what Princess and CCL does and remove they FREE drinks in the concierge lounge and just have them free on the first night and really tick off there best customers who have grown accustomed to them.
I watched the Peter Greenberg special on MSNBC the other night where he spent an hour showing where the cruise lines make there profit and though they were on NCL the story is the same.They NEED on board revenue to suvive and it looks like we are all going to pay for it. All said I still think cruising is a good value