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We faxed EKOL credit card info last Nov to book a tour for April 08. In late December we recieved an e-mail from EKOL telling us they were starting a sale (Jan 1) that would give a 25% discount to anyone paying in full (in advance). We did not respond and received two more friendly e-mails in Jan telling us of this sale...which we verified on their website. In late Jan we authorized them to charge the full payment (about $165). We were 100% pleased with our guide and service. As to Hello Ephesus, they are the new player and, at first, we were a bit skeptical because their prices are lower than EKOL and they do not care about deposits. But, as I said, they have been getting rave reviews on-line from quite a few who have used them in the past few months. The only negative about Hello Ephesus seems to be that some have trouble getting a response to their e-mails. Unless your cruise is in the very near future, you might want to be a bit patient and perhaps send them a follow-up e-mail. I should also mention that EKOL is more than a local (Kusadasi) company and also provides tour services in Istanbul and other parts of Turkey. We would deal with either of these companies with no hesitation.