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The worst storm to hit Melbourne in over 100 years caused Seven Seas Voyager .on its World Cruise, to miss 2 ports.
Passengers are now enjoying a 4 day Sydney stopover.
from a passenger on board.....

[We had to abort port stops in Philip Island (where we were to see the Penguin Parade) and Melbourne. Instead Capt. Dag made the correct call and we came straight to Sydney. Thank got worse after we changed course! Melbourne had the worst storm they've had in over 100 years. Several nights ago on our way to Philip Island we had a rough night with over 100 mph winds and 40 ft. swells. There was a lot of damage within the ship including broken dishes and glasses in La Veranda and unfortunately the baby grand piano in the Horizon lounge collapsed and broke. Luckily, we have a lower deck midship cabin and there was no damage or breakage...just lots of things falling off the vanity. It was a WILD ride for sure.

La Veranda reopened that evening and the ship is all ship shape again. Luckily, no structural damage to the ship. It worked out fine for us because it gave us 4 days in Sydney....the most gorgeous harbor I've ever seen!]