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Wow!! very nice photos. thank you for sharing. just curious...why does it seem like the ship was empty? I would of thought it to be jammed packed with people while cruising through.
Well for one thing, it is very cold near the glaciers; people tend to go on deck for a while and then retreat to the warmth of the interior for a hot chocolate or Coffee Royale. And then to, being near the glaciers is almost a religious experience; the ship is going very slowly, it is very quiet, and people just tend to not talk very much or gather together in groups--except when there is something of special interest to see, like a glacier calving.

If you're wanting to give somebody "the best trip you can," and since it could be some time before you or they go back, I would not be concerned with saving money for something else; go with the Hubbard itinerary.
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