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Hi Puffadder,

I see that you are not getting very much response in terms of hotel suggestions. I really cannot add much more other than for my family, we prefer the American style hotels that have at least two double beds, or ones with rooms that are a little larger than a closet and that leads us to the Sheraton and Hiltons. I am also really big on service and putting my head down in a place without rodents and bed bugs. A lot of hotels in Rome are very very old and dingy. So we simply stay away from them. We have stayed at Westin Excelsior and Hilton Cavalieri in the past, however, it is not even worth mentioning them because they are just too pricy for the average traveller and I would only recomment them if you are going to be traveling on points. We are not foof conoisseurs and have no real interest in eating in Rome other than a quick bite and hence we are very happy with the Airport Hilton. When we come to Rome, it is because we will be cruising and exposed to loads of food in the coming days and many times my kids will say that we are on the Roman Diet (less pricy food and we will wait for the cruise) or we will venture outside of Rome with our car and savour foods there). But if it is your intent to stay in Rome, you should check with a good travel agent and get their opinion on some mid range priced hotels that are comfortable.
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