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While we adore cruising, it really isn't for everyone.

I do wish to correct some bad information that the OP posted though.

Carnival does not make more money by missing a port. This is a common misconception.

The amount of money Carnival makes on shore excursions is much more than they would make on bar sales from 8AM - 4PM.

This is especially true if the port you missed was Half Moon Cay....since Carnival owns this entire all the money would have spent snorkeling, horseback riding, bar sales would have all gone to Carnival.

As a seasoned cruiser, I would also caution eliminating entire cruise lines based on one cruise.

Using this criteria, eventually you will no longer be able to cruise....because the same thing can happen on any cruise line and you will run out of cruise lines to sail.

If you want to go to a specific port, I would suggest flying there.