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I looked at their website and didn't see "As you Wish" dining. They did say you have up to 4 days before sailing to select the time you wish to dine. On the Solstice class ships (Equinox and Solstice) if you're in Aqua-Class you can dine in Blu free of charge. It looks to me like they're using the pay for dining restaurants to be the anytime (non-traditional) dining venues.

The "As you Wish" "Anytime" dining options on ships that offer it, take one or two of their main dining rooms and turn them into a restaurant type atmosphere. It is the same menu as the traditional dining room. The only difference is you go to the dining room when you're ready to go, not the traditional early/late seating times. If you choose the prime dining time, you're probably going to have to wait for a table. Or if you choose to not share a table, you usually have to wait. If you do, they give you a buzzer, just like a restaurant, and will buzz when your table is available.

It looks like we only have the traditional choices and will have to use one of the additional fee restaurants if we want to deviate and not use the buffet.

I was skeptical the first time I did Anytime dining, but now I prefer it. We selected main dining for our December cruise.