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Dear Wooddon, Tricky one that photo id. I am from Ontario too, and my mom who no longer drives her car, used her Ontario Health Card with her photo on it (the only photo ID she had other than her passport) when we had to reboard the Jewel last year (in one of the ports - there were like 9 - I can't remember which one in the Caribbean) but cruise ship told us that we would need our sail card plus an additional piece of photo ID to reboard. I am not kidding. I did see some people with their passports. WE NEVER take our passports off the ship. We do take a photocopy of our passport however with us when we leave the ship. THE OHIP card has your picture on it, if you have the new green cards, that should be sufficient Photo ID in addition to the sail card to reboard any ship. I have never had to show a piece of photo ID when I used my VISA credit card anywhere and that includes Asia, and Europe. That is odd that you were asked.