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Originally posted by Dwayne:
Yes, it is interesting to say the least! I wrote some comments about this in this thread. I was only there for a ship inspection and couldn't believe the confusion on the pier. Guests were being redirected back to the warehouse to take a shuttle back. This was at the top of my list to address to Carnival's area manager for South Carolina. She said "Dwayne be patient, a new terminal is coming". This was back in June, and Charleston voted it in just in the last two weeks.

It is a nutty thing they have going on there, and I was a little put off by this as I have campaigned for several years for Carnival to bring a year round ship here. Even guests arriving by taxi have to go to the parking/shuttle pick up area, then take a shuttle back to the terminal entrance at last check. I hope the new terminal solves this issue.
Yes, I wanted to make sure the OP was very aware....especially since he has someone with Special Needs....

now we have no way of knowing what those special needs are, but as a Mom of a son with hour wait in the hot sun would have been an "issue" what I would have wanted to know about....