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Hello, all. I've been "cruising" the forums here for a bit, trying to figure out how to plan our honeymoon cruise. I'm more confused than enlightened at the moment, and I'm also a bit concerned about not finding a larger volume of information posts with recent dates, like 2010...

Our wedding is 9 October 2010, and we THINK we'd like to leave from San Diego for a shorter cruise. We've never even looked at cruises before. Lots of questions have been generated from these chat rooms...

What ship? (How could I possibly know?)
How long a cruise? (Cost is a factor...)
What is a good line or cruise for newlyweds?

So, I'm now considering having a travel agent help us answer some of these questions. How do I pick one? How much additional cost will one add to our total? How do we assess what's a reasonable amount to spend for their services? (I'm happy to pay a fair price for the service - I'm not thrilled about the prospect of overpaying due to my relative inexperience with the industry...)

Your advice and experiences are most welcome!

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