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I've sailed on both ships. I've sailed on the Victory twice. I believe you would have a good time on either ship. Carnival and Royal Caribbean are very similar cruise lines. The food and service and most entertainment are similar. The exception is, that the Adventure has an ice rink and they have wonderful ice shows on the ship. You can also go ice skating. It also has a large inside Royal Promenade where a couple times during the cruise they will hold a Mardi Gras type parade. The Adventure has mini-golf and a basket ball court,and Johnny Rockets Cafe. The Victory also has mini-golf, the water slide, and Water Wars Water Balloon Attraction, and a Seaside Theatre screen by the pool. Both ships have teen clubs. The Adventure is the larger of the two, but that also means more people. Unless you are getting a family room or suite on Adventure, the traditional cabins of inside/outside/balcony are larger on the Victory. I think you would have a good time on either.