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It must be from our neighbor. The twit decided he was going to build a pond. Not a bad idea, BUT, he dug it so it is above the surround property levels. So what used to be a natural run off area can now no longer flow. So now, with all this rain, the water has spilled over the top of his pond and has left all of us with standing water. We have horses next to us, and the water that has run over the pasture (full of manure) is now standing in our back yard and along the side of the road. The run-off from our yard, used to feed down to where he's built his "pond" (mud pit), but now can't. So it's standing there, just laughing at me. That's probably why the garden is flooded too. I could only mow maybe 1/4 acre out of the 3. Even that was really wet.

Oops, sorry PeterI, thank you for your post. I know the people in Atlanta have it a lot worse than we do.