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We actually did use the grassy areas. I tried Bocce and they had a bean toss, too. That was fun. The glass blowing was very interesting. They used to raffle off the glass pieces made, but they weren't doing it on this cruise. Not sure why, something about the contract? They also had a type of putting on the grass areas, too. The attendant taking care of the grass was very happy to talk about what all he had to do and was very proud of how pretty it was. He told me he had to cut it 2-3 times a week. Thankfully, it's not that much grass

The entertainment wasn't as disappointing as the food and the service. The crew might have just been tired from the crossing, but they were down right rude at times. I even heard a waiter cursing at a table in the main dining room at night. It was definitely not what I expected. I've heard such wonderful things about Celebrity. Like you said, it might have just been the ship, but I think I'll stick to the other lines.