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It would be great if cruise ships could remain bed bug free but there is a possibility that things may worse.I am concerned about the battle New York is having with a huge increase in bed bugs causing stores to close for a while like Hollister in soho,Abercrombe and Fitch & a Victorias Secret outlet + many other stores.They have set up a Bed Bug Advisory Board and this seems to be a serious problem in New York.The city had 11,000 reports of bed bugs last year ( Huffington Post 21st Aug ) and there must have been thousands more not reported.

So maybe we should think carefully before we decide to book a cruise departing from New York and maybe anyone from New York going on a cruise should have their staterooms specially inspected after the first night to check if any bed bugs came with them....( only joking )

Extermination company Terminix has said New York is the most bed bug city in the USA and Terminix said the bugs are particularly fond of hotels, and cruise ships so I might be a little bit worried If I'm in the dining room or bar area with someone from New York and they start scratching.
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