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It is of course not fair to remove gratuities from workers because of a ships problems or poor organisation, thats when you can make a complaint in writing if you feel strongly about it.
However I think that if you, the paying passenger, receives bad sevice ( and not just a one off incident or a worker being impolite a couple of times )then the way to express your unhappiness is to remove the gratuities and just tip any worker who did their job properly separately. That is just my opinion and anyway this post is not about tipping so forgive me clouding the issue.

To get back to the main point of my post it seems like the main people who started the confrontation may have been British.
Sometimes things don't always go to plan, engines fail problems occur so you don't get to see the ports you wanted to see.....but you know are on a lovely cruise ship with free food, free entertainment,chance to relax & enjoy sea viewsso make the best of it.
They had no right to confront the captain.
Here's one Brit who would never start or join in a mutiny.....I completely agree with Dave on this. The captain has the experience and he makes the decisions.