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Welcome to cruise-chat, Joe Joe. I am glad you came here for answers to your questions.

Q#1 I have titanium implants in my leg and neck. Will I be able to pass thru a security check point OK or do I need a letter from my doctor?
If you alarm the metal detector they will pull you aside for hand wanding and/or a patdown. A doctor's letter will not exempt you from screening should you alarm the detector. But it will help explain why you alarmed. Usually the wanding will show that it is internal metal and that will satisfy them.

Q#2 Do I have to take all my prescrition bottles with me or can I have my medications in a single pill holder?
Strictly speaking, when re-entering the U.S. any prescription meds you are carrying are supposed to be labeled. Realistically, many people travel every day with their meds in a pill holder without a problem. What I am saying is if Customs wanted to give you a hard time, they can find a reason. However they rarely hassle cruise passengers, especially if you are returning from Bermuda. Where you have been makes a big difference in the level of scrutiny. Last month I returned from a cruise to Canada and they essentially waived us through and just took our Customs declarations.

Q#3 Should I put small locks on my luggage Zippers?
Are you flying to the port of embarkation? If so don't do that because TSA may cut them off (unless they are TSA approved locks). They randomly select luggage for a hand screening and they "will" open it one way or another. If you are driving to the pier, go ahead and lock the bags. If they need to see inside they will contact you.

Q#4 We are going to Bermuda, Can I leave the ship to walk around or go to the beach or Do I have to purchase a land excursion to be able leave the ship?
Nobody is required to buy ship's tours. You can come and go on your own once the ship is moored and has been cleared by the Bermuda immigration officials. All you need to do is make sure you have photo ID and your cruise card with you. You will scan your cruise card in a security kiosk every time you leave or return to the ship. They take your photo to match it with your card when you first board the ship.