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Dave - Thanks for the update......Carnival is always good at giving us new info. - and I do agree, the media does HYPE things up a little too much about such things.....some stations more than others (I will not mention names) but, thanks again for the info.

macmon111 - which ships have been cancelled? Do you know?

Penny3333 - The panic button may have been pressed for some people....but mine has not. You are right, we do take a chance everyday with our lives when we get up! No one knows that better than I. My Brother was taken tragicly from me just recently so I live everyday to the fullest now and appreciate all that life has to give. AND, as far as washing our hands and doing the everyday things needed to be done to keep ourselves from getting ill, I PRACTICE THEM EVERY HOUR.....I am a Nurse. So I am very aware of it being everyone's responsibility to take care of themselves.....but I'm also aware that everyone DOES NOT! I also know they are handing out mask in Mexico, and I'm sure if Carnival plans on keeping the itinerary the same they will pass out mask to the passengers.......but who wants to wear a mask on vacation? Yes, that does fall into the catagory of taking care of ourselves, but we go on vacation to relax not to avoid and have to be put behind a mask. Every passenger has the right to chose to go or not to go whatever Carnival choses to do, that also falls into the catagory of taking care of first post was just food for thought NOT A PRESSED PANIC BUTTON.

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