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Okay, I've read all the information regarding the Acropolis here, but check to see if I need a walk through.
Hank says to catch the #843 bus across the cruise terminal, but of course, it'll depend how far Celebrity Soltice docks that will determine how far we walk. Bus/metro ticket is the same, must validate. Get a an all day ticket which gives me privileges to ride the metro all day, though I only want to get from Piraeus to the Acropolis and back. Don't know how else or where else to use it without getting lost. At the train station, I get a map and check the metro schedule to make sure I get on the metro before 3:30 to be on the ship by 6pm. I inquire which train takes us to the Athens. Next, where do I get off?

How soon should I get to Plaka to see the changing of the guards, and how do I get there from the Acropolis?

I think I've covered everything now. How am I doing?