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Dear TRM7050,

We have travelled extensively with our boys (now in teens). However, we did not take them on cruises with us until they were 5 years old. At that point, they could tell us if there was any untoward treatment, abuse (never was) by caregivers. You really never know. I would not leave little children in kids clubs until at least 5. Our boys are accustomed to child caregivers as they grew up with nannies. You also want to enjoy yourselves and as much as I adore my kids and want to be with them and I AM SURE you do too, you really cannot relax with them at your feet. They get tired at 13 months and at 2 years old too and you really do not know how they will fare on the ship. Will they get sea sick. We went on our first cruise and left our oldest son at home at the age of 10 months with his gramma and his live in nanny. We had a blast.o