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The bathroom is not set up like on the Epic. It's one room with three sections. The shower is a good size for a ship with a sliding door, then the sink area in the middle and a toilet area on the other end. The toilet area also has a sliding door but I think it would make that area pretty claustrophobic to use it.

There definitely is a buffet but as you say, there are many "stations" so you don't have to start at one end and go all the way to the other. You can simply go to the areas of the food you wish to try - - - and then end up at the dessert/ice-cream area. They have both soft serve and scooped in the same general area.

I thought the service in the main dining room was just fine. The blue lagoon service was a little more hit and miss but we never went there when we were in a hurry so it was fine and the food was worth it.