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Jill...thanks this is information I need!! How do we plan for our dinner meal if we want to eat in the main dining we just show up when we are ready for dinner??? I see what you are saying about "if we eat at the same time as everyone else" Like don't go at (say) 6 - 8p.m. because that is when the majority of folks want to have dinner. Now what is the "alternative" dining that we would need to make reservations for? On Carnival they have different areas where you can just show up, such as the buffett or grill areas, you might have to get in line, then hunt for a table, but you can go whenever. Also what hours are the main dining room open? You say eat later, I'm assuming you mean for the dinner meal so how late are they open? Also, I'm guessing if you get different waiters, then you probably get different table mates as you might at breakfast or lunch on the ships where you have assigned dinner times and seating? Thanks so much for the info!!!

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