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I agree with you on that one LHP. I fly all over the country and the world for that matter. Miami security is indeed one of the worst places for timely movement through security. They have large amounts of people flowing through I grant you, but have you ever been to Vegas? They have even more people going through there and while the lines are long, they move quickly...

And well I can't verify your comment on "sVIP self assist" ince we won't be VIP until our next cruise... I did notice that the customs setup didn't have a way for the porter assisted people to move through quickly. In San Juan, you got your porter, he took your declaration card and you passed quickly through without waiting in line. I almost grabbed a porter when I saw the lines even though we only had one suitcase and a carry on.. but I was glad I didn't when I realized that even those with porters were standing in the same lines...

Don't get me wrong... I'm all for the customs agents being able to do their job, but there has got to be a better way...
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