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I am looking for my next cruise. In doing so, I was surfing around on the web when I discovered a cruise leaving from one of my two home ports.

On May 2nd next year, the Carnival Legend will depart on the Port of Tampa on a 7-Day Western Caribbean cruise.

The second port of call for the Legend on this particular cruise will be the island of Cozumel, Mexico. It just so happens that the ship will arrive in Cozumel on May 5th, which is the Mexican holiday "Cinco de Mayo".

So, if I were to go on this particular cruise, should I expect to see something special when the ship arrives in Cozumel? Or will this day be like any other cruiseship day in Cozumel? Should I expect to see less when I arrive in Cozumel (considering it is a Mexican national holiday and stores and businesses might be closed)?

It would be interesting to know what to expect when going to a Mexican port of call on Cinco de Mayo.