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Hey give me a chance I just got back!

Remember I'm a first time cruiser so keep that in mind when reading this.

Day 1 - Getting on the ship in San Juan. We actually arrived the night before so we explored San Juan prior to boarding. WE stayed at the Sheraton Old San Juan which is right by the port. The hotel was very nice, clean, friendly and had an excellent breakfast buffet lunch (although pricy). I didn't expect to like San Juan but was very pleasantly surprised. The architecture is fun and different.

Checking in on the boat was simple and quick. We arrived about 30 minutes after they started boarding. We opted for the Concierge Class so we had our own line but the other lines seemed to be moving just as fast. I admit from the outside I was slightly worried because there were some signs of rust but I guess that can be expected considering the exposure to the sea. We came in on deck 3 I believe. I imagined that you'd come in to the grand foyer but you don't. We were greeted by several friendly crew members and we made our way to our room. I chose the Penthouse deck (deck 6) because I wanted something about in the middle of the boat. It was conveniently located near the aft elevators which was nice. Immediately our room stewart saw us to our room and saw that the bed configuration was wrong and said he'd seperate the two beds. The room was slightly bigger than the average and the balcony had room for 2 dining chairs, a table, plus 2 lounge chairs. That was more space than I was expecting. The room was very clean, nicely laid out and I was very pleased. We then left to explore the ship. It didn't feel like there were many people on it! Overall the ship feel elegant. Everywhere you go was just gorgeous and had a very refined feel to it. There were interesting pieces of artwork all over the place in various styles. I had read that some people felt that the carpets were shabby and it needed an update in general but I didn't feel that way at all. Sure, it's not brand new but it's in darn good shape. I highly recommend the spa tour on the opening day. It is a beautiful facility and the ladies there are friendly and helpful and happy to tell you all about their services. There is also a drawing for free services if you go. The buffet was open but we opted to wait till our assigned seating time for dinner. We opted for the late seating which had it's pros and cons. Pros were there were no kids and we weren't rushed getting ready. Cons were that it was a bit late for dinner (8:30) and the shows were typically scheduled after our dinner time which turned out to be too late for us. We had a great table that was just 2 away from the Captain's table. We met some interesting people from all over the US. Our waiter was, hmm quirky. Very nice guy from India with a heavy accent that spoke very softly. So we understood about every 3rd word. But he was very nice and we had no complaints with the service. He was odd because if you didn't order enough, he'd bring you something anyway. So if I said I didn't want dessert, he'd bring me something anyway. And if you didn't finish your meal, he'd give you this sad look and ask what was wrong. He took it personally if everything was %100. Too funny. We were too tired to do anything much after dinner so went to bed.

At dinner we both realized that we were prone to seasickness. We took a dramamine and were out.

Day 2 - St. Thomas - It was Sunday so the shops close at 1. I knew that in advance so I planned an excursion for the afternoon. The shopping by the port was ok. I got sick of jewelry stores real quick. I know, I'm betraying my gender but I just didn't want to shop so we hopped in a taxi and took a tour. The taxi drivers on St. Thomas are nuts!!! Our driver missed a turn and did a three point turn in the middle of the highway! Cars were coming up on us and honking. But the scenery was beautiful so worth it. We went back to the ship for the buffet and it was good, not great. The lines in the buffet are slightly confusing since they don't seem to flow all one way. But the variety is nice. In the afternoon we took a ship excursion over to St. John and to Trunk Bay. This was the first time my niece (age 22) had ever swam in the ocean. I'm glad that that beach was her first experience because it was GORGEOUS!!! When I die, scatter my ashes in St John! The snorkeling instructor was a hoot, very nice and fun. The snorkeling trail was well marked as well which was nice. The beach was not crowded at all so it was all in all a great experience. The ride back was a but choppy. Not good since I told you before we both get sea sick. We lost 2 of our tablemates because they were sick too. Now we heard from several other cruisers that the waves were not bad, that they were normal and a few said they were bad so I have no idea if this was normal or not.

Day 3 - St. Croix - Our morning excursion was supposed to be Salt Water Kayaking but it was canceled due to weather. Too bad becase the guide looked like fun. He was a stereotypical blond surfer who was "dude, so bummed we couldn't go out". But if the man says we can't go, we can't go and I'm not going to argue with him. Celebrity refunded us the next day. We went back to the room and crashed. In the afternoon we went parasailing. I've done it before and it was a blast. The guys on the crew were from Florida and I swear one of the was a beach version of Orlando Bloom. Again, real choppy seas so both of us weren't doing well when we got off. My neice had to skip dinner and our waiter was very concerened and kept trying to get me to bring her something but food was the last thing she wanted to see.

Day 4 - St Kitts - We took a tour called Pandora's Time Box. The highlight of that tour is a former plantation called Clay Village. I highly recommend a visit to it. It's owned/run but a couple and the house has been in her family for 6 generations. The house itself has several gardens and is decorated with a very ecceletic style which was cool. Later we went to a beach off Frigate bay but we were not that impressed by it. The sand was part lava rock so wasn't very pleasant. But on the trip we got some great pictures etc.

Day 5 - Antiqua - Oh boy this one was a doozy. We signed up for a trip called "The Ultimate Adventure". It included zip lines, a hike, a catamaran ride and snokeling. The zip lining was ok. They lines weren't very long so you didn't get to see much scenery. From what I heard from another couple, the lines were shorter than Costa Rica but these were much, much safer. I never really felt scared doing this but didn't find it that much fun. Glad I tried it but won't be doing it again. Next comes the hike. Keep in mind this excursion was listed as "moderate" in the brochure. Well, they lied. This is not a quaint little nature walk, oh no, this is a 3 mile jaunt OVER a mountain! Plus it had rained so it was slick and muddy and the bugs were out in force! Ok I'm not in shape at all. If I had known about that, I never would have done this. We almost didn't make it up the uphill portion but we didn't have a choice. You can't stop. There is no way to give up and go back to the ship. You are stuck so we sucked it up and got over it but we were hurting. This is the first time I got sunburned because I sweat most of it off and didn't have time on the hike to reapply it. We finally made it to the beach and the catamaran ride was beautiful. The crew can cook but I'm sure it was just made better because we earned that lunch! I skipped dinner that night because I was sick from the sun exposure.

Day 6 - St Lucia - Coming into port, we were not impressed. We came into an industrial area and passed a Carnival ship. As we passed I could hear the TV over the pool and it was fairly loud. I can't imagine being on that ship with that thing on! We did the Island Delights tour which took us all over the island, and was highlighted by a trip to the Sulphur Springs, Botanical Gardens and lunch. We stopped at a fishing village that was not very nice and on this island the locals were pushing their wares more than anywhere else. The island was very muggy and the bugs were worse here than anywhere else. We got bit by something so I have red bumps on one side of my face and my chest. The Botanical Gardens were very nice. I saw several plants that I'm used to seeing as house plants but here they were full grown and huge. And the waterfall was cool. The Sulphur Springs were also very interesting to see. The restaurant we went to had a great view of the Pitons and lunch was good but there are a ton of steps to get up to the restaurant and some of the folks on our tour had issues. The shopping area on this port didn't seem worth it to me. I'd shop elsewhere if I had a choice.

Day 7 - Sea Day - We had early morning appts at the spa. It was my niece's first massage and she's hooked. That was a very pleasant experience. We checked out the pool but the pool by the spa which is wonderful. It's heated and has lots of jets and a water shower and was very relaxing. Not too crowded which was also nice. In the afternoon we went shopping on board. The shops are very high class with upper end clothing and jewelry. Not much in the way of touristy nicknacks or anything so if you want stuff like that, buy it on land. I bought my alcohol that day because the prices were the same as onshore. We ate at the Normandie that night. I have to say that I liked the dinner in the main dining room better. The restaurant itself was beautiful and elegant and the waitstaff couldn't have been more attentive. But the food wasn't that great in my opinion.

Last Day - disembarkation was ok as far as getting off the ship but the lines for Immigration was awful (not the ship's fault). We ended by getting a short tour of San Juan and then to the airport.

Would I do concierge class again, probably. I like the extra room and I think I got all the added perks I was supposed to and if I didn't, I didn't notice and I'm sure our room steward would have fixed them if I pointed anything out. I wish they'd time the shows a little better. I thought they'd have a show at 7 for the late diners but apparently not. I wish they would have also repeated some of the seminars they did while we were on land like the Intro to Acupuncture. I am curious about that. Next time I'll try to find those patches for sea sickness so hopefully I'll enjoy it a little more. After the first 2 days, I wasn't sure I would ever take a cruise again but it got better.

That's all I can think of so if you have questions, let me know.