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Just got off the Liberty on our b2b. We put our tags on right before we got to the pier. RCCL has a major problem with these new tags...they are so thin and flimsy, there were ripped off tags everywhere on the ship. 2 of my bags had them ripped off, along with 3 of my own tags, so the crew was having to match up guests names from their luggage to cabin numbers. They were using the old tags and writing the cabin in marker.

We are Diamond and one of the bags (with the tags still intact) didn't arrive until one ( we even went to deck 2 where all the lost luggage goes) had any idea where it was...we got on the ship at 11am...10 hours...priority treatment for Diamond???

I suggest either you put tape on your bag with the name & cabin; or you wrap the label in the clear packing tape to keep it from ripping apart.

The person in charge of the luggage complained of how easily these tags tear off. Can't imagine a ship the size of the Oasis having all these bags with the tags torn off.
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